Final Update for the Prototype! Version 1.51!

Hey there! Micah here!

As the title says, this is the final update for the prototype. I feel I've done all I can to make this the best thing it could be. I hope you enjoy playing it!

So what's changed?

+ Flier & Flyer Girls can now be your friends.
If you beat the 100 Man(it's called "Enemy" but I call it "Man" because of Way of the Samurai) challenge.

+ I tried optimizing the house. Reflections are either on Realtime or reflecting the room not in realtime. You can toggle in the Options Menu.

+ Hopefully the cutscene camera bug has been fixed.

+ Fixed Team Attack bug. Jonn hitting people now damages them again. Before he couldn't hurt anyone.

+ During the 100 Man challenge, enemies could combo you with OTGs (attacks that deal damage when you're On The Ground) and there would be nothing you could do but take damage. Now if you're on the ground, you can't be hit.

+ The Support extra damage actually works now. It's awesome!

What's next?

Now that I have a prototype done, I'm going to go and pitch to a publishers. The hope is that someone will pick it up and will go like, "Hey, give me dat! I want dat! Here's money for dat!"

If that happens Mosaic Hearts will become a full game by mid to late 2023. That's the hope but the pitching process could take a long time... We'll have to see.

Anyway, thanks for playing! If you enjoyed the game, please ask people to wishlist it. Or don't.

I can't load my save!

If you wanna try the post game stuff and your save doesn't work, contact me at
I can give you instructions on how to fix it.

Or you could just do speedrun new game and get through it fast. Apparently, it only takes about 10-12 minutes to speedrun the whole thing. You can watch me and my friend, who has tested the game almost as much as me, have a speedrun race in the link!

See ya,


Mosaic Hearts Prototype v1.51[11_06_2021].zip 247 MB
Nov 13, 2021
Mosaic Hearts Prototype v1.51(MAC).zip 252 MB
Nov 13, 2021

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